I like you--i wish i can tell him that >.<

unrequited love does not die; it's only beaten down to a secret place where it hides, curled and wounded.

ch bus scene

Turn off the TV please!!

Where was I when this music video was released?????? gah.Oh yeah i was busy spamming about my OTP coming out.hehe.

I cant begin to explain how much I love this song it's crazy! Ive been replaying this for three

ch bus scene

A brave MinMin fan in a MINOZ territory lol

AMAZING!!!! AMAZING!!!! lololol...imagine?a fan shouted "Park Minyoung" while Minho was giving his speech at the Korean drama awards?! takte BALLS OF STEEL fangirl! haha

short story: So minho was giving his usual thank you speech..then someone just randomly shouted "Park Minyoung!!!" LOL Minho stopped and smiled aheeeeee my OTP babies.They really make my heart flutter!


more than friends?ahihihi Hongshi post!

BBJX and City Hunter has turned me into a crazy SHIPPY girl >.< Yuan Hong and ShiShi starred in 5 dramas already kalurkei.But it was on Condor drama that they got close and YH became ShiShi's first real and reel kiss.heh.

During BuBuJingXin its so weird that writer,pd,cast and crew were all rooting for them.HELLO they are not even the OTP! lols. Then we have WEIBO flirting kyaaaaak...

They say that they are really good friends but damn i dont look at my guy bestie that way SHI! haha

Pic below..akala mo sila ang OTP hahaha..omg my babies

ch bus scene

let me spazz about my precious TONA

long time fan.lucky charm




In spazzing TONA otp you must be good in connecting the dots.ahehehe *sigh* from guy's bracelet and 'lucky charm' talk to girl's "LOVE ME" post. oh the beauty of TONA. Just like the video below entitled "JE TAIME" TONA babies are ninja, its already their lifestyle. Gosh im still so giddy......

long time fan. ♥